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Marked passage from Despair by Vladimir Nabokov, page 117.


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The great-great-great grandchildren of Dickens take a selfie with him on his 202nd birthday.

Although the author himself hoped to avoid such commemoration, a statue of Charles Dickens was unveiled last week just in time for his 202nd birthday. 
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Today’s top item in Book News: A group of more than 200 authors, including Salman Rushdie, Wole Soyinka, Jonathan Franzen, Günter Grass and Margaret Atwood, have signed an open letter — released in advance of the Sochi Olympics — criticizing recent Russian laws that “that place a chokehold on the right to express oneself freely.” The letter points to three laws that it says put writers at risk: “the so-called gay ‘propaganda’ and ‘blasphemy’ laws, prohibiting the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality and ‘religious insult’ respectively, and the recriminalisation of defamation.”

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This is a pretty graphic video. Watch it if you want, and if not then please just listen to what I have to say here. 

Russia is a country (not the only country) that facilitates propagandic organizations that openly commit physical and psychologically violent crimes against LGBT people. These organizations openly attack people because of their sexual orientation. It is wrong, it is disgusting and they have no right to do this. They humiliate a community that has spent decades working against ridiculous stereotypes and towards international equality. 

Countries with anti-gay laws facilitate a culture that do harm to LGBT people. They promote an environment where violence is acceptable which it is absolutely not. It makes me physically shake to think that people are persecuted on a global scale simply because of who they are. 

Though the olympics are for sport, they have always been a place for government propaganda and ultimately a warped representation of the hosting country. As you watch Sochi 2014 I encourage you to remember that Russia wasted $50 billion to show us that they’re a deserving world leader and yet LGBT people are being forced to admit their own humiliation and shame through viral video. I also encourage you to remember that their political leader is trying to create a homophobic culture that could very obviously become successful if it isn’t already.


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